Web Parsing: Where To Start?

A parser is a universal tool. After all, with its help, you can regularly monitor prices, track the product range of a competitor, look for reviews, and mention the company on third-party sites (including social networks). It is worth noting that the same script with different search settings can be used for other purposes.

Choosing Parsers For Business

First, the audience that uses this tool consists of:

  • Owners of online stores;
  • SEO specialists;
  • Web marketers;
  • Targetologists and experts in setting up advertising.

Therefore, when developing a script, it is essential to consider the mood of this category of users.

Second, for the stable, uninterrupted operation of the parser, you will need a vast number of IP addresses that change when blocked during the “scanning” of the page or retrieving the necessary data.

Third, all collected information should be stored in formats suitable for further uploading to electronic databases, as well as applications that allow analysis or processing of information collected during the operation of the script.

Choosing the Right Proxy for Your Parser

Services may be resident or owned by data centers. Taking into account the features of each of the options, we conclude that:

  • Datacenter proxies are suitable for scripts that collect information to monitor the market, work with reviews or gather a database of contacts;
  • Resident addresses are combined with price aggregators and data collection on advertising campaigns conducted by competitors in the niche.

In the first case, the relevance is due to the high speed and stability of the connection. The second – is a complete imitation of actual IP addresses, which allows you to parse the page without the risk of blocking much longer.

That is why experts use the services of providers. On the other hand, some developers prefer to connect real-time scanners that work on the principle of search engine bots. It is worth noting that such services collect and process the information obtained, forming files in the format selected by the user, which will significantly reduce the time of Web analytics for the marketer.

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