Basic Types Of Parsing

Suppose parsing was used exclusively in SEO to collect critical phrases or analyze the site for errors that prevent promotion to the top of search engines, then in the current iteration. In that case, different types of parsers can be used to solve other problems. What problems?

Use A Content Parser To Populate The Site

The text content of the pages must be unique. However, for stores with catalogs of several thousand items, writing texts in the category and manually filling in the specifications in the product cards can take more than a week (even if this is a team of specialists).

Therefore, information that does not affect uniqueness can be saved by setting up the automatic transfer of the necessary data from the resources of direct manufacturers or suppliers of various products. In the case of textual content (news, articles, reviews, previews, etc.), before publishing on the pages of your resource, you need to “raise” the uniqueness by ordering a rewrite of the material.

Data Collection For The Online Store

To keep abreast of current trends in e-commerce, the owner or marketer of an online store has to keep track of dozens of sites of the nearest competitors in the niche. It is unwise to do it manually since much time, effort, and nerves are spent. Automation of this process will allow you to monitor the slightest changes in the activities and make the right decisions to develop your own business.

With proper configuration, the Scraper will help:

  • Gather information about the competitor’s product range;
  • Monitor the dynamics of prices for various goods or services;
  • Assess the feasibility, prospects of the action;
  • Increase sales, attract potential customers through the right tincture of contextual advertising.

Search & Collection Of Contact Information

A tool that scans sections of contact information on sites, marketplaces, open spaces for advertising, etc. will be helpful:

  •  Business. When integrated with a CRM system, it can be used as a base for making hot/cold calls to leads;
  • Employers, specialized specialists. Allows you to collect an extensive database of contacts and phone numbers;
  • Brokers, real estate agencies track new offers from several popular sites.

Parsing The Audience On Social Networks

Social networks are one of the most promising areas of advertising on the Internet. After all, in addition to the ability to sell goods, they provide direct communication with the target audience,

Social network parsers can:

  • Gather the audience according to the set parameters;
  • Search for thematic communities with great activity;
  • Analyze reviews with a mention of the company;
  • Provide data for fine-tuning paid to advertise.

Now, you know why parsing social networks is one of the most promising branches of automated data collection and how to parse goods from the site.

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