Scraper API: The Best Tool For Parsing Web Pages

Which parser to choose? How to deal with all this if you do not understand what parsing means in programming and you are not a programmer?

To collect information, you need a unique API Proxy Scrape tool. It is crucial to create the appropriate software solution and prevent the blocking of your IP address in the process. And also to provide a bypass of a CAPTCHA, removal of headings, sampling of the data presented in the necessary format. All this requires a lot of effort.

Best Parsing Solution

Scraper API is a program that allows programmers to create web parsers. It works for proxies, browsers, and CAPTCHA, allowing developers to get raw HTML code from any site with a simple API call.

It is important to note that the information parser is not tied to a specific data format. It’s just a tool that converts one format to another. But how the program transforms data depends on current tasks.

Parsing: General Concepts

Parsing offers a set of tools that helps you extract the right volumes ​​from any data format. The extracted data is stored in a separate file – either on the local computer, in the cloud or on the hosting, or directly in the database. It is a process that starts automatically.

The software helps to analyze the collected information. The Scraper API sends a GET request to the “donor” site, which must return the data. This query creates an HTML document that the program will parse. The parser then searches for the required data and converts it to the desired format.

Parsing is not a prohibited method of collecting and analyzing information. Often, even public service sites provide data for public use available through the API. Because collecting such information is the processing of enormous data arrays, parsers come to the rescue.

Parsing: Practice

The principle of operation of Scraper API usually consists of 3 stages.

  1. Request-answer: The process starts when the parser asks the site for the content of a specific URL. The requested data is received in HTML format.
  2. Extraction: The parser takes the HTML code and retrieves relevant information, such as page title, paragraphs, subheadings, links, relevant topics, by parsing the text.
  3. Downloading: The received data is downloaded and saved. You can open files in any desired program. For Google Spreadsheets, this is CSV, for example, for database parsing, JSON, etc.

Parsing Ideas

So, now that you know the basics of parsing web pages, you may be looking forward to starting your first project. However, you may not know where to start. After all, Scraper API can be used in many ways. You can try creating a simple investment application or compiling a list of potential clients for local businesses.

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